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The Lush and Greenery of Mother Nature

We can no longer
separate ourselves from nature, nor ignore our impact on the world
around us.

By treating the body,
mind, and spirit with nature's own medicines,
we bring beauty, balance and harmony into
our lives.


The Aviva Philosophy

Nature is a wonderful source of beauty, inspiration, life and well-being.

Aviva Spa, "The Spa of Life", draws on the ambience and elements of nature to design your personal spa experience. Offering services that are beautifying, imaginative and infinitely sensory to nurture, relax and renew your mind, body and soul.

The Perfect Spa Getaway

As one of Singapore’s leading spas, you will be privileged and pleasantly surprised with our wide array of unique spa treatments and services found only in top spas.

This is where you can experience the lush and greenery of nature, and the tranquility, soothing decor and restful music in total privacy of an exclusive spa of pure indulgence. Where you can just drop in, when you feel the need, to get away from it all, for a few hours, or stay a day or two.

Allow the delicately-scented essential oil to disconnect you from the real world. Feel the melting effect of a revitalising massage. Experience the beautiful glow from a sensual scrub. Or the exhilaration of a ginseng hydro-massage. And enter a state of total bliss.

There is also a host of other nature activities which you can enjoy, before and after your spa treatments with your loved ones.

So, surrender yourself to a short, but much needed and rejuvenating getaway.

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